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AIR-CONDITIONING - It is as important during the winter as the summer to have your air conditioning system working efficiently. Our services can make sure that you won't suffer from being over-chilled, nor will you be slowly cooking on a hot day!



AIR CON SERVICE - £79 PLUS PARTS (if required) plus VAT

TYRES - It is important that your tyres are in good condition for safety at all times, and with the high cost of fuel, it is especially important to ensure that they are correctly inflated. This will give you a much better drive.

SPECIAL OFFER FREE fitting on tyres purchased from us! Check out our great prices on both premium and budget tyres by giving us a call today!

GENERAL VEHICLE WELLBEING - A happy car means a safer drive, so keep your car happy by ensuring its oil level is correct, the coolant is the right strength and all its tyres are inflated to the correct pressure. Call in now to have these checked - it won't cost you a penny to keep your car chugging along happily.

We're confident we can have your car as good as new in no time, thanks to the skills of our experienced team. If you wish to take advantage of the excellent services we provide, then feel free to give us a call on 01235 850347.